Tuesday, May 8, 2012

how to renew your philippine drivers license

The Philippine Drivers License is valid for 3 years.   Before your license expires, renew it at the nearest Land Transportation  Office (LTO) center.  Unfortunately, I have not found the official website nor the addresses of the centers.

I renewed my license at the LTO Drivers License Renewal Center at the MRT-Ayala Station in Makati.

On average, it takes about an hour to an hour and a half to renew  your license.  When I renewed mine though, it took me 3.5 hours.   To avoid this, here are some helpful tips.

1.  Ask friends  which centers have less people.  My hubby says  he renewed his license in under an
     hour at SM Hypermart in Pasig. I've renewed in Alabang in less than an hour too.   I wasn't
     anywhere near those places and it would take me an hour to get there so I ended up renewing in

2.  Avoid going on a Monday or Friday.  I don't know if the centers are open on Saturdays.  But
     Monday (the day I went) is probably the worst day to go. My friend advised never to do             
    government transactions on a Monday.   Everyone is trying to finish this task so   a  lot of people
    have this idea to renew their license on the first day of the week.    For procrastinators,
     they renew on Fridays so this must be a heavy day too. 

3.  Go early.  The people at the LTO are more accommodating as they have not received that much
     stress yet.  There would be less people too.  I try to go as soon as the center opens.

4.  Renew before license expires.   There's a fine for renewing expired drivers licenses.  Expired
     licenses cannot be renewed at the Renewal Center, you'll have to go to the main office.  Student
     drivers licenses application cannot be done at the Renewal Center too. 

5.  Bring current drivers license with OR.   The current license with the corresponding official
     receipt needs to be surrendered so bring those.

6.   Remember your TIN.  I haven't memorized  my Tax Identification Number (TIN) nor have my
      TIN card, I had to retrieve that information.

7.   Bring the following:
      a.  Money:  Php 425 for the drug test and medical test and Php 417.63 for the  non- professional
         drivers license.  Try to bring exact change.  This will be easier and faster for everyone.
      b.  Ball pen:  There's a ball pen there but having your own saves you from  all germs and saves
          you time.
      c.  Water:  In case you need more liquid to drink  to prepare you  to collect  the urine sample for
            the drug test.
      d.  Tissue and Alcogel/ Alcohol:  There's tissue there and thank God there was running water.
            Best to bring your own too. 
8. Reading Material/ Phone/ Ipad/ Kindle.  To help pass the time while waiting.  
    I managed to clear   out all my messages during the wait.

So why did it take me that long to renew?  Aside from being a Monday, I heard that the computer also bogged down.

Here's also a rundown of what transpires during renewal.  The LTO office has a flowchart and labels but it can still be further improved. 

1.  Present old drivers license and OR and Get Application Form.
2.  Present old drivers license and OR, Completed Application Form and pay Php 425.
     Receive  Drug Test Forms.
3. Submit  completed Drug Test Forms, sign on tape, fill up bottle with urine and submit urine 
4. Get photo taken and thumb print for records for the drug test.
5. Take medical test:  Answer questions if one has hypertension, Weight and  Height Measurements,     Eye Reading Test
6. Get photo taken for license and write signature.
7.  Pay drivers license fee of Php 417.63, receive official receipt.
8. Receive driver's license and stamps on the OR.  Sign the log sheet that you've received the

Easy  3 hours.  The layout of the LTO Renewal Center needs to be improved though for maximum efficiency. The computers and connectivity  have to be in its optimal condition.   The LTO needs to improve the signs/ flowchart for steps so the people won't have to ask too many questions to the super busy staff.  

Check out the steps that I wrote and review of my 2006 license renewal.


Keith Hardy said...

As a non Philippine resident but someone who intends sharing time between Pasig & the UK do i require a Philippine drivers licence or can i use my UK licence with an international drivers licence? If i wanted to take the Philippine drivers test to gain a full Philippine licence could i actually do this, & if so what would be the likely cost of doing so..

Hope someone can assist me with these questions..

GMAC said...

If you still have a valid drivers license you can have it converted to a Philippines drivers license, nut I am not sure how much the fee is. If not planning to get a Philippines drivers license I believe you can use your current drivers license within 90 days of your entrance into this country. Just check the lto web site to make sure.